SW Theatre Group’s poem featured in Touch: Sex, Sexuality and Sensuality

2 Aug 2021 - 11:15
Touch: Sex, Sexuality and Sensuality
Touch: Sex, Sexuality and Sensuality

Touch: Sex, Sexuality & Sensuality complied Tiffany Kagure Mugo and Kim Windvogel is ready for online order and available in stores.  The Sex Worker Theatre Group are one of several contributors to this collection draws on the experiences of sex from people across genders, sexualities - even borders. Sometimes political, sometimes personal, and sometimes even problematic, Touch delves into the many ways in which sex features in our lives.

To pre-order this book, visiti: https://www.graffitiboeke.co.za/af/377689/Boeke

The SW Worker Theatre Group is central to the Global Grace Project . This is a collaborative research project between the Centre for Theatre Dance & Performance Studies (CTDPS), the African Gender Institute (AGI), the Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Task Force (SWEAT). It is part of Global GRACE (Global Gender and Cultures of Equality), a transcontinental initiative. Participatory theatre and the production of cultures of equality amongst sex workers in South Africa investigates gender positive approaches to wellbeing through the use of participatory theatre and performance. Using these interventions, AGI and partners hope to learn existing initiatives sex workers have used to challenge structural systems of inequality and sexual violence and to raise their aspirations and self-confidence.