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Feminist Africa Issue 15. 2011: Legal Voice: Special Issue

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Legal Voice: Challenges and Prospects in the Documentation of African legal feminism
– by Sylvia Tamale and Jane Bennett

Organizational activism

Seeking the Protection of LGBTI rights at the African Commission for Human and People’s Rights
– by Sibongile Ndashe

South African Engagement with Muslim Personal Law: the Women’s Legal Centre, Cape Town and Women in Muslim Marriages
– by Hoodah Abrahams-Fayker

The Kenyan Constitutional Reform Process: A Case Study on the work of FIDA Kenya in Securing Women’s Rights
– by Grace Maingi

“Personal” litigation
Legal Action to Stop Hotels Discriminating Against Women in Zambia
– by Sara Hlupekile Longwe

“What’s in a (Woman’s) Name?”: a personal case narrative
– by Doo Aphane

Crimes and Corrections: Bride Burners, Corrective Rapists, and Other Black Misogynists
– by Madhumita Lahiri

International Centre for Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights (INCRESE), Nigeria: Battling the Proposed Bill on the prohibition of sexual relationships and marriage between people of the same-sex, 2006
– by Dorothy Aken’ova

Olonisakin, F. and A. Okech (eds.) 2011. Women’s Security Governance in Africa. Dakar, Nairobi: Pambazuka Press
– by Yaliwe Clarke

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