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Feminist Africa 19. 2014: Pan-Africanism and Feminism

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Issue 19. 2014: Pan-Africanism and Feminism - view entire journal

Preliminary Pages

Editorial: Pan-Africanism and Feminism
– by Hakima Abbas and Amina Mama


African feminism in the 21st Century: A reflection on Uganda's victories, battles and reversals
– by Josephine Ahikire

Promise and Betrayal: Women fighters and national liberation in Guinea Bissau
– by Aliou Ly

Reflections on the Sudanese women's movement
– by Amira Osman

The first Mrs Garvey and others: Pan-Africanism and feminism in the early 20th Century British colonial Caribbean
– by Rhoda Reddock

Pan-Africanism, transnational black feminism and the limits of culturalist analyses in African gender discourses
– by Carole Boyce Davies


Being Pan-African: A continental research agenda
– by Dzodzi Tsikata

Unnatural and Un-African: Contesting queer-phobia by Africa's political leadership
– by Kenne Mwikya


Sojourning for freedom: Black Women, American Communism and the Making of Black Left Feminism
– by Maxine Craig

Women, Sexuality and the Political Power of Pleasure
– by Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah

Queer African Reader
– by Danai S. Mupotsa

Daughters of the Niger Delta
– by Simedele Dosekun


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