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Mfusi Hoza

Mfusi Hoza was an AGI associate in 2005. Having left the AGI on 31 July 2006, I then proceeded to Umtata to attend my mother’s sister’s funeral who had passed away while I was still in Cape Town. The bright side of the sad event was that it made it possible for me to meet a good number of my family members including meeting some of my kids at the same place after the three months’ stay at UCT.

I was to present a paper at the African Languages Association of Southern Africa (ALASA), held at Roma University in Lesotho from the 4th – 7 th of July (which year). The title of my paper was: Looking Back, Moving Forward: An appraisal of a Black African Feminist. It is infact a paper that was published on the GWS Africa website. The paper was received with great enthusiasm.

In July 2005, I presented a paper at an ALASA conference held at Johannesburg University (formerly Rau University ) from the 7th to 9th. The title of my paper was The Xhosa Women Writers and Changing Times. The paper is more like a summary of my research paper whose proposal was written during the Associateship programme. The paper received a good response and it has been sent to the Southern African Journal of African Languages (SAJAL) for publication. I hope that it will receive a positive response.

Regarding my PhD research, I sent my proposal to the University of Fort Hare in the Eastern Cape towards the end of 2004. After some few alterations it was accepted (thanks to the AGI Associateship programme) and I registered in May 2005 for my PhD programme. This year I have been granted a year’s study leave by my institution and I am working on chapter 3 of the thesis. The research is looking at women’s selected creative works in isiXhosa from a feminist perspective. Unfortunately I could not secure any funds for the research and therefore things are not going well at all. It will not be possible for me finish this year as I am working from home.

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