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Gender, Conflict & Peace

Peace studies is a growing academic field that has its scholarly roots in international relations (IR), political science, and history. All three academic disciplines consider the nation state as a primary constitutive element of the international system and central to social stability, security, and peace. This has been heavily critiqued by IR feminists (Still, 1998; Stean 1998, among others) who associate the notion of the nation state with an embedded patriarchal system that entrenches hierarchical social relations across race, class, and gender. In this section on Gender, Conflict and Peace, we present the following resources : Teaching gender, conflict and peace: A review essay; An Academic Course On Gender, Conflict, And Peace In Africa; Women's Peace Activism - Organizations and Polices on Gender, Peace and Security.

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Teaching Material for Gender, Conflict and Peace

Teaching Gender, Conflict and Peace: A Review Essay

Policies on Gender, Peace and Security

Women's Peace Activism: Organisations

An academic course on Gender, Conflict and Peace in Africa