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Gender & Law

The starting point for legal feminist documentation is women’s lived experiences with the law. How do women engage with justice/law? What legal discourse have they constructed for themselves while engaging with the various justice systems? What language should be used and what etiquette followed when writing about sexuality? Whose story gets documented and whose is left out? Is the lawyer’s narrative similar to that of the litigant?

Teaching Material on Gender and the Law.
The imprints of women and gender studies are beginning to place their markings on the conceptual and empirical landscape of the social sciences in Africa. However, feminist legal studies, is yet to dent the rigid, traditional ways of teaching law on the continent. This is partly on account of the relatively fewer numbers of female faculty members found in African law schools, but it also has a lot to do with the orthodox wrapping of legal concepts and norms in allegedly “objective,” “gender neutral” and “universalist” trappings.

Please refer to Feminist Africa Journal : Legal Voice. Click here to access the journal.

Teaching Material for Gender and Law

The (De)Link Between Legal Feminism & Legal Education

Resources On Women/Gender & The Law

The Status Of Legal Feminism In Africa: Gains & Limits

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