Undergraduate GS (AXL)

GS courses

Requirements for a major in Gender Studies (AXL01)

First year
AXL 1100S Understanding Gender (was AGI1000S)

Second year
AXL 2100F Gender, Sexuality and Politics (was AGI2002F)

ONE of the following:
AXL 2101S Gender and Development (was AGI2001S)
HST2035S Gender and History *
REL2047F Gender, Sexuality and Religion *
AXL2402S Anthropology of Power and Wealth * (was SAN2015S)
AXL2401F Medical Anthropology * (was SAN2026F)
SOC2004S Class, Race and Gender *

Third year
AXL 3100F Theories, Politics and Action (was AGI3000F)
AXL 3101S Politics of Gendered Knowledge (was AGI3001S)

*See entries under Departments of Historical Studies, Religious Studies, Sociology and Anthroplogy Section for descriptions of HST2035S, REL2047F, AXL2402S (was SAN2015S), AXL2401F (was SAN2026F), and SOC2004S. If any of these courses is taken as part of the requirements for a Major in Gender Studies, the course may not be credited as part of a Major in Religious Studies, Anthropology, Historical Studies, or Sociology.


  1. For AXL1100S (was AGI1000S): None.
  2. For AXL2100F (was AGI2002F): AXL1100S (was AGI1000S) recommended; students who have completed at least 4 full courses (or the equivalent) at the 1000 level are admitted.
  3. For AXL2101S (was AGI2001S): AXL2100F (was AGI2002F) or second-year status
  4. For AXL3100F (was AGI3000F): AXL2100F (was AGI2002F), and one other course in list of electives in second year above, or permission of the course convener
  5. For AXL3101S (was AGI3001S): AXL3100F (was AGI3000F), or permission of the course convener