Roundtable on Afro-Brazilian and African Feminisms: Presentations by Dr Thula Pires and Thuila Ferreira

20 Feb 2020 - 10:15
Roundtable on Afro-Brazilian and African Feminisms
Roundtable on Afro-Brazilian and African Feminisms


On 20 February 2020, AGI hosted an informal round table which brought together Afro-Brazilian scholars to engage in a conversation around discourses in Brazil on Afro-Brazilian feminisms. Dr Thula Pires and Thuila Ferreira presented on activism and work situated within Afro-Brazilian feminisms. Their presentations were followed up by responses and dialogue around African feminisms as well within the same framing.


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Speakers bio: 

Dr Thula Pires


PhD in Law - Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio). I'm currently a professor in the Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses of the Law Department of PUC-Rio, Assistant Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies in the same course and General Coordinator of NIREMA (Interdisciplinary Center for Reflection and Afrodescendant Memory).  Acting on the following subjects: : Constitutional Law, aphrodiasporic thinking, racism, black women, decoloniality, critical theory of race, human rights and recognition theory.

Thuila Ferreira


Thuila Farias Ferreira holds a BA in International Relations from La Salle Canoas University / 2016 (Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil). She is a Master's student in History, in the research line Domination and Resistance Relations, by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, with the research entitled "Africanas: gender and feminism in an afrocentric perspective", orientated by Professor José Rivair Macedo, with whom she coordinates the project "Africanas: biographies, research references and constitution of a computerized database", linked to NEAB (Afro-brazilian Studies Core)/ UFRGS. She is interested in the areas of Black Feminisms, Africa and Diaspora Relations, Gender Relations, International Relations.