In 2021 UCT Gender Studies and Department of Religious Studies will introduce an interdisciplinary Masters degree programme in Islam, Gender and Sexuality. Moving toward this, in August this year the African Gender Institute and the Department of Religious studies will co-host the Gender Ethics and Religious Authority Project, a series of events that collectively mark the 25 year milestone since Prof. Amina Wadud performed a pre-khutbah talk at the Claremont Main Road Mosque, and after which there began a concerted discussion on the ethics of gender-based religious authority in South Africa and internationally.

Our aims are dual; first it is to celebrate this milestone in the progressive development of feminist readings of Muslim religious authority. Second, we aim to provide a space to contemplate and practice newer and more innovative ways of imagining religious knowledge and authority, as well as the possibilities these present for epistemic disruption through activist and theoretical work.

The events will begin with a commemorative lecture, celebrating Prof. Wadud's achievements over the past 25 years. Later in the week, on the 21st we will host Prof. Wadud in a class discussion on the divine feminine, on the 22nd we will host a public seminar on sexual diversity and an evening session of remembrance and finally on the 23rd we will host a khutbah writing workshop. Details of the events are here below and in the poster attached here.

We hope you will join us!