How to Apply


How to apply

For information on how to apply for the Honours, Masters and PhD programmes, please click on the links below each programme. For further clarifications, please email the Gender Studies Academic Programme Administrator, Wardah Daniels (

Courses offered

A full suite of postgraduate programmes is offered moving from a full-time, course-based Honours degree in Gender and Transformation through to a PhD programme, where work is initiated and directed through supervision with the Faculty.

Honours in Gender and Transformation (AXL05)

Honours in Gender and Transformation [link]

The Honours programme focuses on developing a strong conceptual grasp of the use of gender analysis in research at postgraduate level. The programme involves a combination of required and elective courses, with options involving theories of development, sexualities, conflict, gender-based violence, and identities. All honours students are supported in the design and development of a research dissertation.

Research Masters in Gender Studies (AXL01)

Masters in Gender Studies [link]

This programme involves the design and implementation of a research dissertation, under supervision. There is limited coursework required and a strong focus on the importance of engaging with peers and Gender Studies faculty throughout the research process.

PhD in Gender Studies (AXL01)

PhD in Gender Studies [link]

A PhD requires the design and implementation of a research dissertation, under supervision or co-supervision. This usually involves a period of intensive discussion with Gender Studies Faculty, to ensure that the best possible options for supervision are available to the candidate.